VCX Tape -002: Curl Up with Some Bad Ideas

Here's the new episode.

Very happy to share this with you. It's a reading of my own poem this time. There's a little jangly guitar to accompany the verse and montage.

Here's the text of the poem.

Curl up with some bad ideas
a purple-headed bird;
dark wings’ feathers tip to tip
arc upwards, spread outwards.
green gloss zags in shining
ragged ribbons atop the
greasy purple scales.
ride lightning rails;
crush the night,
fly faster, past memory, 
in the ever-blackening sky.
thunderbolts rush out - the soft
light leftovers
like sand drawn in the wave pull
at the beach.
grief - the purple headed bird of
earth. above it.
yet heavier than heaven
with you.