where are we?

where are we?


About Brass Crown

My name is Aaron Kimbrell. Brass Crown is my project for making audio stories, music, written stories and poems. My main productions right now are the podcasts:

Diverse Tremblings: Readings of classic, public domain, science fiction with original music.

Last Laffs: The stories and fragile memories of a lost soul, somewhere in time, somewhere in America. A spiritual guide to being alone.

Splatter City VCX: tapes & poems & songs & tell-offs

I would be really pleased if you subscribe to any or all of these works. After a bummer of a year in 2017 I am trying very hard to get out some more quality work for 2018. 

I'm proud to say the vast majority of the work here is my own. That includes the readings, recording, production, sound effects, music, logos, graphics, and all the photography used on the site. That said, I love working with others. If interested in having me read your work, or help with audio production or graphic work I would love to hear from you.

spooky voice: While reading & listening to our materials you will very, very briefly be under our Complete Care & Controlâ„¢ and afterwards are free to go. This is inevitable and medically harmless.