It's happened quickly.

Your family loses a job, you look for work, you scramble. Your website is paid for but you've got little time.

My wife, my dog, my guitar, and my friends keep me sane. It's hard to realize that at times. Times when life seems a dark spiral.

Turn around in the spiral and it leads out. You hope. You hope you've turned around.

This mind and this world are always working and I hope to finalize a few projects quickly and share them. I wish I could share everything in audio. But these words are here to do the work for now.

Blessings, A

Blood Moon Eclipse

No, it's not a new ESP guitar: it's our spirit's place; the great bewilderer above.

A really gorgeous early morning sight here in the Southwest. I honestly wasnt properly prepared for taking photos but I did get a nice image that evokes the lunar power.

blood moon eclipse.jpg

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse-Timed News

The night is upon us!

Look skyward, people.

Diverse Tremblings is getting an announcement tonight, and more stuff is in the works for the next few weeks. That includes Last Laffs and VCX shows. 

Tonight belongs to the Queen of the Moon though. Enjoy the heavens.

Beginning of 2018

Been a lot of wild changes in our personal lives. I've got a new Last Laffs coming soon and a whole new podcast coming soon called Splatter City VCX.

I'm also moving announcements and news to a blog post format. The front page had taken on a bit of a bumper sticker feel to it. 

Peace to all in the New Year.