Summer 2017

The move West is Nearly Complete and the Brass Crown is ready to emerge from it's strange psychic chrysalis to entertain once more.

December 2016: Last Laffs is here! 

Please check out the new audio feed here. 

I would describe Last Laffs as the psychic and metaphysical adventures of one of the last & loneliest.


Special Announcement - Monday, September 26, 2016

The reading of the first part of the Arthur Machen horror tale, The Great God Pan, is now available!

It is read by A.D.Kimbrell with his music.

Hit the button below or download higher quality version at our archives.

We are really excited about this project and look forward to more.

Thank you for your interest & support.


Brass Crown makes audio stories, music, written stories and poems. My main productions right now are the podcasts:

There are some recurring serial adventure stories in it:

Diverse Tremblings: Readings of classic, public domain, science fiction with original music.

Last Laffs: an open box of audio stories, readings, lyrics, poetry and musical ideas.

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While reading & listening to our materials you will very, very briefly be under our Complete Care & Control™ and afterwards are free to go. This is inevitable and medically harmless.

YMHS, adk